MI CASA — La Casa de Sanchez ben Judah

by Dell F. Sanchez

“MI CASA — La Casa de Sanchez ben Judah” is the Intriguing story my paternal grandmother, Mama Juanita, wife of Papa Delfino Sanchez.  Century by century, it peels back 3,000 years of our Jewish heritage with focus on the different champions of their era such as renowned conquistadors, philosophers, wealthy nobles and treasurers of kings. Later back in time, they were grand rabbis over Jewish communities in diaspora that came out of the Babylonian Exile and heads of elite Jewish academies. We discover that the kings of the Kingdom of Judah were among our forefathers leading back to King David.

This book on Mama Juanita, or Maria Juana Elizondo Salazar (1879-1974) is easy reading with only 105 pages including nearly 30 pictures and illustrations. The price is $20. Simply go to www.americananusim.org and click on the STORE tab to order your book.

Chag Pesaj Sameah / Happy Passover Holidays,





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