By Dell F. Sanchez

Many nations and cultures have different belief systems or religions. Dr. Rabbi Marc D. Angel once told me he doesn’t meddle with religious beliefs and frankly, neither do I.

America has the greatest diversity of religions and Christian denominations in the world. This is what’s called,”religious freedom.” What amazes me is the level of religious persecution that’s still existent around the world today–some to the level of violence and terrorism such as fundamental Islam.

What I don’t understand is the duplicity of some governments that proclaim religious freedom for its bona fide citizens but not for new immigrants. In other words, they can be atheistic heathens within a strict monotheistic faith. But can you imagine if America would insist on a rigid, Christian conversion with all sorts of monitors looking over your shoulder and the shoulders of your mentors?

I believe in “uniformity within diversity” within religious borders so long as the civil and moral codes of that nation are observed and obeyed. Now, when Messiah comes (whom I believe will be Yeshua), He will bring in His theocratic form of government.  But He will also bring with Him heaven’s own “world peace” because He alone is the Prince of Peace.

As Yeshua once said, I too shall say: he that reads this statement–may he/she understand what I’m saying and what governments I refer to.

Shabbat shalom,


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