By Dell F. Sanchez

The last two decades have revealed millions of Hispanic/Latinos with Sephardic Jewish roots awakening. Multitudes have taken a DNA test which revealed positive results. Others have done extensive genealogical searches which corroborate their DNA. Others have unveiled customs, traditions and linguistics as well as ancient hidden objects with Jewish objects, letters or symbols that were tucked away by their ancestors. The list goes on with the revelation of Spanish-Jewish surnames.

Multitudes are now asking for direction on immigrating or making aliyah to Israel and fulfilling the Prophet Obadiah’s prophecy, specifically the second part of his 20th verse. Therefore, now they’re asking what’s the hold up? Little do they know of the intricacies and biases of the joining the aliyah caravan back home.  Obadiah’s vision cries for fulfillment but we must discover that there’s a Divine process which transcends those in power within the Israeli hierarchy.  Obadiah and later, Jeremiah chapter 49, explains the issue of our return.

Obadiah devotes two-thirds of his prophecy to articulating why God is so very upset with the house of Esau also know as the Edomites. Today, these Edomites aren’t merely of Islamic or Arabic descent; multitudes are found among Christians and all those who hate Israel and Jews. When they find out that you and I have a Jewish ancestry, they’ll hate us as well.

After the Lord is totally done with re-positioning and relocating His children all across Israel, then and only then will He tear down the dams and blockades which hold back Sephardic Anusim from making aliyah. But keep in mind, when this happens, God’s rage will be demonstrated by His elite “deliverers” that include our people. Finally, they’ll take over all of Zion and the Temple Mount; the third Temple will begin construction; Armageddon will breakout but Messiah and His warriors will prevail. As the Messianic Age or the Millennium begins then will Obadiah’s final utterance be fulfilled, “Then the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.”

Dell F. Sanchez

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