By Dell F. Sanchez

The #1 question asked me is WHEN will our people make aliyah! Aware that many of you don’t have the time to read an entire newsletter, I’ve synthesized it by about a third.

As the waves of the phenomenal awakening of Sephardic Anusim continue to rise, multitudes are asking when they’ll be next to make aliyah.  I believe that very soon, a small, select group of Sephardic Anusim will be ushered into the Negev to fulfill Isaiah 40:1-5. They bring hope and comfort to Israel. They’ll “Prepare the way for the Lord,” and His forthcoming Messianic (Millennial) Age.

Meanwhile, another select group is expertly equipped for leadership via a most rigorous training in their domestic fields, not merely in the classroom and theory.

Then, there is a small group of people with prophetic-like qualities, as Haggai and Zechariah, who’ll spiritually fuel and encourage the leadership.

So then, WHEN will the rest of Sephardic Anusim make aliyah? According to Joel 3:1, it’ll be as God begins to restore all His Chosen People (including Anusim). This will be seen at the beginning of a war called the Valley of decision. Some refer to it as Armageddon. The last verse and a half of Obadiah, (20b & 21) corroborate this. I believe that this valley is reflected in the valley of dry bones of Ezekiel 37. It’s at this time that God’ll supernaturally raise up the dry bones of the Children of the Inquisitions of Spain, Portugal, Mexico and all of the lands and islands of the Americas.




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