Chanukah Vs. Christmas

By Dell F Sanchez

Whether you write it down as Chanukah, Hanukkah or Jánuca, it’s meaningful because of the brave heroism of the Maccabees. This battle for the freedom of Syrian rule over Jews occurred around 166 BCE. The results were historically amazing.

About 166 years later, Yeshua was born in the midst of the force of the Roman Empire. Just as the Maccabees were Jews, so was Yeshua.

The resulting feast is known as Chanukah, or the Feast of Lights, and Dedication. The resulting feast of Yeshuah’s birth is called Navidad or Christmas.

So what’s in common between the two. A lot! Besides all the lights is the most important factor: heroism leading to freedom. The Maccabees freed for a little while–Yeshua liberates the willing soul forever.

Dell F Sanchez

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