Will The Real Crypto Please Stand Up

By Dell F Sánchez

The word crypto is derived from an ancient word meaning to be hid. For two decades I’ve said, “Our forefathers hid the secret of our true identity so well and for so long that we forgot what the secret was.”

Sephardic Anusim Jews have gone through a very unusual ‘see-saw,’ up and down experience. It’s been a multi-century Process of ‘now you see me–now you don’t.’

Some have gotten plum stuck in genealogies and DNA while a very select few are as we say in Spanish: “A Dios rogando, y con el mazo dando”/praying to God while we’re busy building.

All that is okay so long as we keep building bridges which gets our people closer to home–Israel and her Negev. (Obadiah 1:20b)

Shalom uvrakha,


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