Time to Prepare

By Dell F Sanchez

For the last two decades, I’ve been awakening and equipping my people for the the wondrous return back home. My people are the Sephardic Anusim, Children of the Inquisitions.

The Prophets of the Tanak, or the Old Testament, have prophesied a mighty revival and the return to our ancient ancestral home. I love the words of Isaiah in chapter 40, verses 3-5.

The epitome is that Isaiah prophesied that at this glorious regathering will usher in the full glory of the Lord. (Isaiah 40:5)

So take hope and be strong

Dell F Sanchez

Will The Real Crypto Please Stand Up

By Dell F Sánchez

The word crypto is derived from an ancient word meaning to be hid. For two decades I’ve said, “Our forefathers hid the secret of our true identity so well and for so long that we forgot what the secret was.”

Sephardic Anusim Jews have gone through a very unusual ‘see-saw,’ up and down experience. It’s been a multi-century Process of ‘now you see me–now you don’t.’

Some have gotten plum stuck in genealogies and DNA while a very select few are as we say in Spanish: “A Dios rogando, y con el mazo dando”/praying to God while we’re busy building.

All that is okay so long as we keep building bridges which gets our people closer to home–Israel and her Negev. (Obadiah 1:20b)

Shalom uvrakha,


Chanukah Vs. Christmas

By Dell F Sanchez

Whether you write it down as Chanukah, Hanukkah or Jánuca, it’s meaningful because of the brave heroism of the Maccabees. This battle for the freedom of Syrian rule over Jews occurred around 166 BCE. The results were historically amazing.

About 166 years later, Yeshua was born in the midst of the force of the Roman Empire. Just as the Maccabees were Jews, so was Yeshua.

The resulting feast is known as Chanukah, or the Feast of Lights, and Dedication. The resulting feast of Yeshuah’s birth is called Navidad or Christmas.

So what’s in common between the two. A lot! Besides all the lights is the most important factor: heroism leading to freedom. The Maccabees freed for a little while–Yeshua liberates the willing soul forever.

Dell F Sanchez

Politics Against American Anusim Jews

by Dell F Sanchez

Just as governments have its good and bad politics—so does religion, especially that which affects Latino Sephardic Anusim.  However, good politics have become like a needle in a haystack.

Oftentimes, policies are actually good but the people that legislate them are as twisted and crooked as individual mafiosos. That’s why we rely on the courts, even the Supreme Court to resolve legal suits and issues.

We have The Ancient of Days—the Judge of judges to do justice for us. One standard that rules His decisions is the Bible. He never plays politics nor will He let His Word be voided.

So Sephardic Anusim Hispanic-Latinos: one way or the other, we win because God rules.