By Dr. Dell F. Sánchez

Since the days of father Abraham, connecting with The Almighty through prayer has been forged into our lives.

In fact, if it wasn’t by faith through prayer, our Anusim forefathers would’ve given up during the holocausts of the Inquisitions. They wouldn’t have survived the tormenting tortures and atrocities of their day.

Prayer is implicated hundreds of times throughout the Bible. Prayer comes in different forms including quiet prayers of the soul.

Today, in the midst of civil tension and unrest…in the midst of a barrage of word bullets, we must cling to God in prayer. If we wish to see the biblical prophecies fulfilled we must pray like never before. If we expect to take part in the grand aliyah to Israel–we must pray all the harder.





Dell Sanchez
Since that day in the spring of 1996, I have been on a never ending journey. My journey includes millions of people just like me that are Hispanic or Latino but happen to be the descendants of secret Jews of Spain. Our forefathers endured a very bloody history as well as an expulsion out of the very land our own ancestors founded during the times of King David and King Solomon.”
           –Dell Sanchez

Obadiah’s Prophecy
“The exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sepharad will possess the towns of the Negev.” 
            (Obadiah 20)

“Los exiliados de Jerusalén que están en Sefarad poseerán los ciudades del Neguev.”

               (Abdías 20)

Our Mission
Locally, nationally, and internationally, American Anusim’s mission is to restore Sephardic Anusim to its true history and to collaborate in fulfilling ancient prophecies regarding their Negev homeland.
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Este es un mensaje bilingüe — La versión en español sigue debajo


For decades Sephardic Anusim has waited for the day in which the immigration/aliyah floodgates would open to let them in to their ancestral homeland of Israel. We’ve held tight for this glorious day.
For the last few years, I’ve seen different governments gesturing for their citizens to be allowed to make aliyah. These nations include Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica and Honduras (with Mexico in the background) doing what I call, “Institutional outreach” which is no less than lobbying.
For over half dozen years I’ve participated with institutions of higher learning to expose the reality of Sephardic Anusim’s growing presence in the Americas. Now, this presence numbers what I calculate to be around two hundred million. I theorize that at least half of them are in our Americas.

We now have organizations inside of Israel focusing exclusively on Anusim’s aliyah such as Reconectar and Benei Anousim. And we now have a political caucus within Israel’s Knesset (parliament) called the “Knesset Anusim Caucus” in which I’ve personally participated.
More than ever, Latino/Hispanics are touring Israel, being felt, seen and heard from Israel’s grassroots all the way up to government entities. More than ever, there is there a loud outcry to let my people in. And quietly, almost secretly, they’re being let in as citizens of the Holy Land.

So, if you’re hopeful in some day making aliyah, here’s what I recommend you do:
–get your passport, visit Israel soon, learn the Hebrew language, get rid of non-essentials including bills, volunteer at a Jewish Community Center and get acquainted with a Jewish rabbi… And by the way, bone-up in your history and genealogy.
Speaking about our history and genealogy, I invite you to check out my books, booklets and instructional DVDs. Just click on the STORE tab of our website. You’ll discover the history of our people as well as my own genealogy which serves as a template model for your search and a host of other related topics.
Aliyah ho!
Dell F. Sanchez


Sefardim Anusim ha esperado durante décadas el día en que se abrirían las compuertas de inmigración o aliyah para permitirles ingresar a su patria ancestral de Israel. Nos hemos mantenido firmes para este glorioso día.
Durante los últimos años, he visto a diferentes gobiernos hacer gestos para que sus ciudadanos puedan hacer aliá. Estas naciones incluyen a España, Portugal, Brasil, Costa Rica y Honduras (con México en el fondo) haciendo lo que yo llamo “alcance institucional”, que no es menos que cabildeo.
Durante más de media docena de años, he participado con instituciones de educación superior para exponer la realidad de la creciente presencia de Sefardim Anusim en las Américas. Ahora, esta presencia cuenta lo que calculo en alrededor de doscientos millones. Teorizo que al menos la mitad de ellos están en nuestras Américas.

Ahora tenemos organizaciones dentro de Israel que se centran exclusivamente en la aliá de Anusim, como Reconectar y Benei Anousim. Y ahora tenemos un comité político dentro del Knesset de Israel (parlamento) llamado “Knesset Anusim Caucus” en el que he participado personalmente.
Más que nunca, los latinos / hispanos están recorriendo Israel, siendo sentidos, vistos y escuchados desde las bases de Israel hasta entidades gubernamentales. Más que nunca, hay un fuerte clamor para dejar entrar a mi gente. Y silenciosamente, casi en secreto, se los deja entrar como ciudadanos de Tierra Santa.

Entonces, si tienes esperanzas de que algún día hagas aliá, esto es lo que te recomiendo que hagas:
– obtenga su pasaporte, visite Israel pronto, aprenda el idioma hebreo, deshágase de elementos no esenciales, como facturas, trabaje como voluntario en un Centro Comunitario Judío y conozca a un rabino judío…
Hablando sobre nuestra historia y genealogía, los invito a revisar mis libros, folletos y DVD instructivos. Simplemente haga clic en la pestaña STORE o TIENDA de nuestra pagina. Descubrirá la historia de nuestra gente, así como mi propia genealogía, que sirve como modelo de plantilla para su búsqueda y una gran cantidad de otros temas relacionados.
Alía ya!
Dell F. Sanchez


By Dell F. Sanchez

The #1 question asked me is WHEN will our people make aliyah! Aware that many of you don’t have the time to read an entire newsletter, I’ve synthesized it by about a third.

As the waves of the phenomenal awakening of Sephardic Anusim continue to rise, multitudes are asking when they’ll be next to make aliyah.  I believe that very soon, a small, select group of Sephardic Anusim will be ushered into the Negev to fulfill Isaiah 40:1-5. They bring hope and comfort to Israel. They’ll “Prepare the way for the Lord,” and His forthcoming Messianic (Millennial) Age.

Meanwhile, another select group is expertly equipped for leadership via a most rigorous training in their domestic fields, not merely in the classroom and theory.

Then, there is a small group of people with prophetic-like qualities, as Haggai and Zechariah, who’ll spiritually fuel and encourage the leadership.

So then, WHEN will the rest of Sephardic Anusim make aliyah? According to Joel 3:1, it’ll be as God begins to restore all His Chosen People (including Anusim). This will be seen at the beginning of a war called the Valley of decision. Some refer to it as Armageddon. The last verse and a half of Obadiah, (20b & 21) corroborate this. I believe that this valley is reflected in the valley of dry bones of Ezekiel 37. It’s at this time that God’ll supernaturally raise up the dry bones of the Children of the Inquisitions of Spain, Portugal, Mexico and all of the lands and islands of the Americas.





By Dell F. Sanchez

The last two decades have revealed millions of Hispanic/Latinos with Sephardic Jewish roots awakening. Multitudes have taken a DNA test which revealed positive results. Others have done extensive genealogical searches which corroborate their DNA. Others have unveiled customs, traditions and linguistics as well as ancient hidden objects with Jewish objects, letters or symbols that were tucked away by their ancestors. The list goes on with the revelation of Spanish-Jewish surnames.

Multitudes are now asking for direction on immigrating or making aliyah to Israel and fulfilling the Prophet Obadiah’s prophecy, specifically the second part of his 20th verse. Therefore, now they’re asking what’s the hold up? Little do they know of the intricacies and biases of the joining the aliyah caravan back home.  Obadiah’s vision cries for fulfillment but we must discover that there’s a Divine process which transcends those in power within the Israeli hierarchy.  Obadiah and later, Jeremiah chapter 49, explains the issue of our return.

Obadiah devotes two-thirds of his prophecy to articulating why God is so very upset with the house of Esau also know as the Edomites. Today, these Edomites aren’t merely of Islamic or Arabic descent; multitudes are found among Christians and all those who hate Israel and Jews. When they find out that you and I have a Jewish ancestry, they’ll hate us as well.

After the Lord is totally done with re-positioning and relocating His children all across Israel, then and only then will He tear down the dams and blockades which hold back Sephardic Anusim from making aliyah. But keep in mind, when this happens, God’s rage will be demonstrated by His elite “deliverers” that include our people. Finally, they’ll take over all of Zion and the Temple Mount; the third Temple will begin construction; Armageddon will breakout but Messiah and His warriors will prevail. As the Messianic Age or the Millennium begins then will Obadiah’s final utterance be fulfilled, “Then the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.”

Dell F. Sanchez

P.S., Consult the LEARN page for a list of my books and instructional DVD’s.

Sephardic Anusim — Good & Bad News

By Dell F. Sanchez

Just published my July newsletter. Here’s the story below.


Bad and Good News  


Since the phenomenal awakening of Sephardic Anusim over 20 years ago, my people have yearned to be restored to their original family and their ancestral homeland. This yearning has become a heartache because of delays, oppositions, obstructions and ambushes.
After the positive shaking that occurred in Israeli academia seven years ago, and after its crescendo leading all the way to the Knesset and Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora three years ago, things have come to sort of a dead-stop. People jockeyed into power, raised their funds and raised false hopes among Anusim, worldwide, but especially in America.

I could go on and on with bad news but at the end of the day, God will have His way either despite us. The great news is that Torah and the Prophets as well as the Brit Chadasha or the New Testament, all confirm that there’ll be an end-times migration from the four corners of the earth. In fact, Yeshua commissioned His disciples to go find the “lost sheep of Israel,” of which the Children of the Inquisition are a great part.
I especially love how the Prophet Isaiah puts it. He says, “In that day the Lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover the remnant that remains of his people…” In other words, God’s going to make an apocalyptic demand on all nations to let His people go; and for Israel to let my people in. It’s for Israel to do what America’s finally doing-draining the swamp.
Now, whether this should take place during my lifetime or not, this prophecy along with hundreds of other similar prophecies shall be fulfilled one way or the other! It might be during Armageddon or not till the coming of our Messiah Yeshua, but it shall occur.
So, my word to you is this: as you pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem, also pray for the return of God’s lost and forgotten people-the Sephardic Anusim.

P.S., I’ve expanded my ancestral investigation and have made gigantic discoveries, thanks to advancements in genetic DNA and digitized genealogy. This has promoted my writing a new book which traces my grandmother back through Crypto Jewish Conquistadors, Grand Rabbis exiting Babylon and all the way back to Israeli Royalty. The point I stress is what I’ve said all along. If this applies to my family and I, how many more of you does this apply to. So, read my book, “Mi Casa-La Casa de Sanchez ben Judah” and see how the content might also apply to you. And you can also build on the pattern I’ve developed. Go to AMERICANANUSIM.ORG and click on the STORE tab and place your order there. .

Malas y Buenas Noticias  

Desde el fenomenal despertar de los Anusim Sefardíes hace más de 20 años, mi pueblo ha anhelado ser restaurado a su familia original y a su patria ancestral. Este anhelo se ha convertido en un dolor de corazón debido a retrasos, oposiciones, obstrucciones y emboscadas.
Después de la sacudida positiva que ocurrió en la academia Israelí hace siete años, y después de su crescendo que lleva todo el camino hasta la Knesset y el Ministerio de la Diáspora de Israel hace tres años, las cosas han llegado a un punto como muerto. La gente compitió en el poder, recaudó fondos y generó falsas esperanzas entre Anusim, en todo el mundo, pero especialmente en Estados Unidos.

Podría seguir con las malas noticias, pero al final del día, Dios tendrá Su voluntad de cualquier manera. La gran noticia es que la Torá y los Profetas, así como el Brit Chadasha, o el Nuevo Testamento, todos confirman que habrá una migración de los últimos tiempos desde las cuatro esquinas de la tierra. De hecho, Yeshua comisionó a Sus discípulos a buscar las “ovejas perdidas de Israel”, de la cual los Hijos de la Inquisición son una gran parte.
Me encanta especialmente cómo lo dice el profeta Isaías. Él dice: “En ese día, el Señor extenderá su mano una segunda vez para recupera el remanente que queda de su pueblo …” En otras palabras, Dios hará una demanda apocalíptica a todas las naciones para que deje ir a su pueblo; y para que Israel deje entrar a mi pueblo. Es para Israel hacer lo que los Estados Unidos finalmente está haciendo: drenando el pantano.
Ahora bien, si esto debe tener lugar durante mi vida o no, esta profecía junto con cientos de otras profecías similares se cumplirá de una forma u otra. Puede ser durante el Armagedón o no hasta la venida de nuestro Mesías Yeshua, pero ocurrirá.
Así que mi palabra para ustedes es esta: mientras oran diariamente por la paz de Jerusalén, también oren por el regreso del pueblo perdido y olvidado de Dios: el Anusim Sefaradí.

P.S., he expandido mi investigación ancestral y he realizado descubrimientos gigantescos, gracias a los avances en el ADN genético y la genealogía digitalizada. Esto ha promovido mi escritura de un nuevo libro que rastrea a mi abuela a través de los conquistadores criptojudíos, los grandes rabinos que salen de Babilonia y todo el camino de regreso a los monarcas Israelí. El punto que enfatizo es lo que dije todo el tiempo. Si esto se aplica a mi familia y a mí, ¿a cuántos más de ustedes se aplica esto? Por lo tanto, lea mi libro, “Mi Casa-La Casa de Sanchez ben Judá” y vea cómo el contenido también podría aplicarse a usted. Y también puedes construir sobre el patrón que he desarrollado. Vaya a AMERICANANUSIM.ORG y haga clic en la pestaña TIENDA y haga su pedido allí.–Bad-and-Good-News—ANUSIM-ALI—Malas-y-Buenas-Noticias.html?soid=1101933541022&aid=q42iZ2Vd81A



By Dell F. Sanchez

Many nations and cultures have different belief systems or religions. Dr. Rabbi Marc D. Angel once told me he doesn’t meddle with religious beliefs and frankly, neither do I.

America has the greatest diversity of religions and Christian denominations in the world. This is what’s called,”religious freedom.” What amazes me is the level of religious persecution that’s still existent around the world today–some to the level of violence and terrorism such as fundamental Islam.

What I don’t understand is the duplicity of some governments that proclaim religious freedom for its bona fide citizens but not for new immigrants. In other words, they can be atheistic heathens within a strict monotheistic faith. But can you imagine if America would insist on a rigid, Christian conversion with all sorts of monitors looking over your shoulder and the shoulders of your mentors?

I believe in “uniformity within diversity” within religious borders so long as the civil and moral codes of that nation are observed and obeyed. Now, when Messiah comes (whom I believe will be Yeshua), He will bring in His theocratic form of government.  But He will also bring with Him heaven’s own “world peace” because He alone is the Prince of Peace.

As Yeshua once said, I too shall say: he that reads this statement–may he/she understand what I’m saying and what governments I refer to.

Shabbat shalom,