Mi Casa–la casa de Sanchez ben Judah

By Dell F. Sanchez

This is the Intriguing story my paternal grandmother, Mama Juanita, wife of Papa Delfino Sanchez. Century by century, it peels back 3,000 years of our Jewish heritage with focus on the different champions of their era such as renowned Conquistadors, philosophers, wealthy nobles and treasurers of kings. Later back in time, they were grand rabbis over Jewish communities in Diaspora that came out of the Babylonian Exile and heads of elite Jewish academies. We discover that the kings of the Kingdom of Judah were among our forefathers leading back to King David. This book on Mama Juanita, or Maria Juana Elizondo Salazar (1879-1974) is easy reading with only 105 pages including nearly 30 pictures and illustrations. Get your copy by sending a request to the author, Dell F, Sanchez at drdellfsanchez@aol.com.

Shalom uvrakha




By Dell F. Sanchez

Your name is important because YOU are important. This is the year when Jews around the world, especially in Israel, discover that your name is connected to a Jewish ancestry.

We begin 2018 with the Torah reading of the Book of Exodus also known as The Book of Names: SHEMOT שְׁמוֹת‬. — We’ll soon discover at Moses’ burning bush event that God calls His Name, “I AM THAT I AM.”

Our people, the Hispanic-Latino Sephardic Anusim Jews are discovering that their DNA, their genealogies as well as their NAMES are integrally connected to a Jewish history and heritage.

As in Moses’ burning bush revelation,we too shall discover our significance in the eyes of God.

Feliz Año Nuevo – Happy New Year


A Jalapeño Challa-Peño Holiday

By Dell F. Sanchez, Ph.D

End of the year holidays is as beautiful as they are spicy for millions of Hispanic Anusim Jews. This is a time when vanishing recipes leap to greet families of an ancient Spanish Jewish heritage.

Despite differences in generation and religious slants, they erupt in glee with música, comida y bebidas (music, food and drinks). Some family members are Jewish, some are Catholic, some are Evangelical and others are as mixed as a Mexican tamale.

Speaking about the tamale, cousin of the enchilada, it’s made with the same masa (dough) as the corn tortilla. It so happens that in southern Mexico, the corn tortilla is used as the matza or Jewish unleavened bread. The flour tortilla is the matza of northern Mexico and America’s Southwest. The tamale is filled with a diversity of meats and secret ancient spices. Some tamales are even made with beans and Jalapeño peppers.

Now speaking of Jalapeño chiles, notice the first syllable, jala or challa which is the Sabbath’s bread of Jews. This bread has made its way all around the world including Mexico, the Southwest and now all across America.

We end the year with the favorite desert called the buñelo. This is a deep-fried matza (I mean tortilla) made with eggs, salt, baking powder, oil and a delicious blend of sugar and cinnamon. They’re crunchy and rounded like the tortilla. They all go great with un cafecito or the popular Mexican Anusim hot drink called the champurrado. This, too, is made with browned flour and good old Nestle’s chocolate founded by non-other than Jews.

So what relationship do these foods have to Hispanic-Latinos of a Sephardic Jewish ancestry? As hidden as the jala/challa is in the peño (Jalapeños), so are the Jewish roots within a huge portion of the Hispanic-Latino population in the Americas. As mischievous as the tamale hiding its internal ingredients, so are these hidden Jews preserving their roots and heritage all across the centuries.

So don’t be deceived with the felicitations of Feliz Navidad, Feliz Januca or Feliz Año Nuevo (Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy New Year). Like the tamalito, you never know what’s inside.

Have a merry Challa-Peño Holiday!

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Ahora empieza la versión en Español

Una Fiesta Challa-Peña

Las vacaciones de fin de año son tan hermosas como picantes para millones de judíos hispanos de Anusim. Este es un momento en el que las recetas que desaparecen brincan para saludar a las familias de un antiguo legado judío español.

A pesar de las diferencias en la generación y los sesgos religiosos, estallan de alegría con música, comida y bebidas. Algunos miembros de la familia son judíos, algunos son católicos, algunos son evangélicos y otros son tan mezclados como un tamal mexicano.

Hablando del tamal, primo de la enchilada, está hecho con la misma masa que la tortilla de maíz. Resulta que, en el sur de México, la tortilla de maíz se utiliza como matza o pan sin levadura judía. La tortilla de harina es la matza del norte de México y el suroeste de Estados Unidos. El tamal está lleno de una diversidad de carnes y especias antiguas secretas. Algunos tamales incluso se hacen con frijoles y pimientos jalapeños.

Ahora, hablando de chiles jalapeños, observe la primera sílaba, jala o chala, que es el pan de judíos del sábado. Este pan ha hecho su camino en todo el mundo, incluyendo México, el suroeste y ahora en todo Estados Unidos.

Terminamos el año con el desierto favorito llamado el buñuelo. Esta es una matza frita (me refiero a la tortilla) hecha con huevos, sal, polvo de hornear, aceite y una deliciosa mezcla de azúcar y canela. Son crujientes y redondeados como la tortilla. Todos van muy bien con un cafecito o la popular bebida caliente mexicana Anusim llamada champurrado. Esto también está hecho con harina dorada y un chocolate establecido por judíos, el chocolate Nestle.

Entonces, ¿qué relación tienen estas comidas con los hispano-latinos de ascendencia judía sefardí? Tan escondido como el jala está en el peño (jalapeño), también lo están las raíces judías dentro de una gran porción de la población hispano-latina en las Américas. Tan traviesos como el tamal que esconde sus ingredientes internos, también lo están estos judíos ocultos que preservan sus raíces y herencia a lo largo de los siglos.

Así que no te dejes engañar con las felicitaciones de Feliz Navidad, Feliz Janucá o Feliz Año Nuevo. Como el tamalito, nunca se sabe lo que hay adentro.

¡Diviértete en estas fiestas Jala-Peños!


Sephardic Anusim Crypto Jews Hidden among Hispanic-Latinos

By Dell F. Sanchez

The last decade has unleashed evidences of every kind regarding hidden Jews among Hispanic-Latinos all across our continent. For 21 years I’ve investigated this phenomenon and now have social as well as hard science to prove this point.

Some of the social sciences include onomastics (names), archaeology, cultural anthropology and more. The hard science I refer to is genetic DNA testing.

One of my books on this subject is OUT FROM HIDING–Evidences of Jewish roots among Latinos. In fact, I have published 6 books in English, 5 of which are also in Spanish on this subject. I’ve also published 4 booklets that spell out details affecting our people.

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Happy Holidays


Hidden Jews Among Us –Evidences of Jewish Roots in the Hispanic Community–

By Dell F. Sanchez, Ph.D.

When I started on this journey 21 years ago, very little was known about any Jewish roots among American Hispanic-Latinos. During my early trips to Israel, I found nothing but fascination among the Israelis. One young IDF soldier said, “Our rabbi has told us about your people and that you’re coming back home.” A high-ranking Israeli official exclaimed, “Is there more people like you?”

I was tempted to say, “Yes, there are millions of us” but I didn’t want to frighten him so I said “thousands.” However, in a recent conference in Israel on the Sephardic Anousim (or Anusim), a prominent leader on Anousim, Ashley Perry, stated there are around 100 million Anousim worldwide. He later corrected himself by saying that the real experts told him that 100 million is a very conservative figure. Personally, I believe there are at least 100 million in our Western Hemisphere.

The question that’s constantly asked of me is when I think our people will begin to make Aliyah (immigrate) to Israel. At first, I was taken back because no one really knows when. However, from what I’ve seen and heard, first-hand in Israel, I can now say that I truly believe that by 2020 we should begin to see a trickle, then a stream and then a flood. The Russian immigration of the ’90’s will pale at the immigration of Hispanic-Latinos from the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, islands of the Caribbean as well as Spain and Portugal.

But what’s the biblical significance of this anticipated phenomenon? Thousands of years ago, the Prophet Obadiah prophesied that the exiles of Sepharad (which is Spain in Hebrew) will return and occupy the Negev of Israel. Now, the Negev constitutes 60% of Israel’s land mass. Quite frankly, we’ll need all the space we can get because of the gigantic numbers of our people; and the wonderous contributions we’ll be making to our newfound home. (There’s only between 7 to 8% of Jews presently living in the Negev.)

In closing, let me say that even the cosmos is declaring that something earthshaking is fixing to take place. In 2014 and ’15, we experienced four blood moons, each during a major biblical/Jewish feast of Passover and Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles). Then, in September of this year, we experienced the marvelous and total solar eclipse. But that’s not all. During the Passover season of 2024, just 7 years from now, we’ll experience another total solar eclipse. This time, this eclipse shall cover parts of Mexico, it’ll pass right over my native city of San Antonio, much of Texas and jet northeast as if leading us across the Atlantic towards IsraeI. I deeply believe that by this time, massive hosts of our people will be settling down in their new home of the Negev-the land of the patriarchs and much of the borders of the Tribe of Judah. So, keep your passport valid and your house in order to be prepared for the fulfillment of this awesome end-times prophecy.


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So Near-Not So Far

By Dell F Sánchez

Twenty-one years ago, I was barely breaking ground in my investigative quest of Jewish roots among Hispanic-Latinos. Then suddenly, after many trips to Israel, things begin to open up miraculously. This was followed by a deluge of new discoveries, not only on my turf, but also among Israeli academics and government leaders.

As must progress as we’ve made, we must continue to forge forcefully ahead. It’s not time to slow down or stop.

We must continue to pray with passion and to tell others about our new-found roots, beginning with our family and friends. And we need to recruit political leaders that’ll speak up on our behalf.

So it is in the midst of the celebration of this Succoth that we must thank Our Lord that for drawing us near to our prophetic vision.

Chag Sameah

Dell F Sánchez, Ph. D.

Solar Eclipse and Sephardic Anusim

By Dell F. Sanchez, Ph.D.

Did the Solar Eclipse
Have a Prophetic Meaning for our People?
–What about the one coming in 7 years?–

The August 21st solar eclipse was the most mind-boggling experience I’ve ever had. As I watched the NASA channel, they provided the most spectacular pictures of the cosmos I’ve ever seen. God truly knows how to show off His glory. Bless His Name.

Six-pointed stars (of David) which kept appearing in the rays of fire coming out of this eclipse confirmed my prediction. Scriptures always presents God as the sun and Israel as the moon. Earth is represented as the nations. In my own heart, I’ve foretold that The Almighty has forced Israel (the moon) into perfect alignment with God (the sun). This alignment will produce awesome and positive effects for our people-Hispanic/Latinos with Jewish roots going back to and beyond Spain.

As if this wasn’t enough, just 15 days before Passover, August 8, 2024, there’ll yet be another solar eclipse. But this time it’ll cross right over my city, San Antonio, Texas, traveling from the southwest to the northeast-AS IF LEADING US EAST, BACK TO OUR ANCESTRAL HOME OF ISRAEL.

Therefore, I believe we have a seven-year window within which we, as well as Israel, must prepare for our homecoming. Now, I’m not saying it begins in seven years because the cosmos is preparing as of now for this unbelievable event. In other words, this solar odyssey that just took place did not suddenly happen without preparation for a most perfect alignment. It took days, month and years to do so. So-it-is that we’ll begin to see our people slowly begin to trickle in to our Promised Land and in to “our Negev.”

And talking about preparation, we need to do our part as of now. It begins with getting informed and educated in the truths that pertain to our past, present and future. Because of my innermost convictions about preparing our people as best we can, I putting my key books and DVDs on the biggest sale I’ve ever had. The addendum that follows details what I’m saying here.

Until later,


Ahora empieza la versión en Español

¿El Eclipse Solar
Tuvo un Significado Profético para Nuestra Gente?

–¿Y Qué del Eclipse que viene en 7 años? –

El eclipse solar de agosto 21 fue la experiencia más alucinante que he tenido. Mientras observaba el canal de la NASA, proporcionaron las imágenes más espectaculares del cosmos que he visto. Dios realmente sabe cómo mostrar su gloria. Bendecido sea Su Nombre.

Las estrellas de seis puntas (de David) que seguían apareciendo en los rayos de fuego que salían de este eclipse confirmaron mi predicción. Las Escrituras siempre presentan a Dios como el sol e Israel como la luna. La tierra es representada como las naciones. En mi propio corazón, he predicho que el Todopoderoso ha forzado a Israel (la luna) en perfecta alineación con Dios (el sol). Esta alineación producirá efectos impresionantes y positivos para nuestra gente-hispanos / latinos con raíces judías que se remontan a y más allá de España.

Como si esto no fuera suficiente, sólo 15 días antes de la Pascua, el 8 de agosto de 2024, habrá otro eclipse solar. Pero esta vez cruzará sobre mi ciudad, San Antonio, Texas, viajando desde el suroeste hacia el noreste-COMO SI ESTUVIERA VOLVIÉNDONOS DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS A NUESTRA TIERRA ANCESTRAL DE ISRAEL.

Por lo tanto, creo que tenemos una ventana de siete años dentro de la cual nosotros, así como Israel, debemos prepararnos para nuestro regreso a casa. Ahora, no estoy diciendo que empiece en siete años porque el cosmos se está preparando a partir de ahora para este increíble evento. En otras palabras, esta odisea solar que acaba de ocurrir no pasó repentinamente sin preparación para una alineación perfecta. Tardaron días, meses y años en hacerlo. Así es que empezaremos a ver que nuestra gente empieza poco a poco a entrar en nuestra Tierra Prometida y a “nuestro Neguev”.

Y hablando de preparación, tenemos que hacer nuestra parte a partir de ahora. Comienza con informarse y educarse en las verdades que pertenecen a nuestro pasado, presente y futuro. Debido a mis convicciones más íntimas sobre la preparación de nuestra gente lo mejor que podemos, pongo mis libros claves y DVDs en la mayor venta que he tenido en 20 años. – El apéndice que sigue detalla lo que estoy diciendo aquí.

Hasta pronto,


Addendum — Apéndice

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Aliyah-The Exodus Continues, traces the steps of a famous Crypto Jew across Spain and Portugal gathering his and his wife’s Crypto Jewish family to secretly cross the Atlantic to Mexico and Texas. His name is Don Luis de Carvajal. It tells of his family’s tragic ending thanks to the Mexican Inquisition which was the offspring of the Spanish Inquisition. Yet many of his descendants are among us today. In the book, I include a section of Spanish archaic terms with Sephardic roots as well as 6000 Spanish surnames of Sephardic origin. I include certain customs and traditions among Hispanic Crypto Jews that are the same as Jews from Spain.

Out from Hiding-Evidences of Jewish Roots among Latinos, reveals some of the most powerful evidences of the existence of Sephardic Jewish roots among millions of Hispanic/Latinos in this hemisphere. Some of the topics include: onomatology (origin of surnames), archaeology (my findings of objects with Hebrew letters and symbols), cultural anthropology (Jewish customs, oral terms and traditions), and biology (DNA test results) These evidences present irrefutable proof that a high percentage of Hispanics of America, Mexico and our Western Hemisphere, are Children of the Spanish and the Mexican Inquisitions.

My first book on this subject, The Last Exodus, is the virtual foundation to all these readings. It captures the west-bound direction of our history from Israel and Kings David and Solomon to Spain. From Spain, it reveals how Spanish Jews were key to the prosperity of Spain and Portugal. However, it unearths the treachery of the Spanish and the Portuguese Inquisitions and their expulsion in 1492 and 1497. It unlocks the code of Christopher Columbus’ Crypto Jewishness as well. (This subject becomes a thread through most of my writings.)

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The Church’s Role in the End-Times
Curse of the Inquisition
Empowering Sephardic Anusim
En Español
Teologia de Reemplazamiento
El Reino será del Señor

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